Retirement of Linda Stevens after 49 years of Service to RDHS

On Tuesday 14th March 2017, RDHS celebrated with Linda Stevens her retirement from nursing at RDHS.

Linda first started working in 1966-67 at the Austin Hospital (Melbourne).  She then went onto St Andrews in East Melbourne until 1968.  Linda then moved to Robinvale when she first was married and started working with Robinvale Hospital in 1969.

Lin (as many would know her) then had a break from nursing in  1970 when her daughter was born  Between then and 1973 when her son was born Lin had worked some time with Edna Ross working the Friday and Saturday night shifts.  She was very caring and would bring in her yummy pumpkin fruit cake for supper.

In 1977 Lin was contacted by Lois Smith to come in and see her and asked if she would be able to work a couple of days a week for three months.  Three months became 39 years.

Lin is going to miss caring for people and cherish all friendships made along the way.

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