Robinvale District Health Services is inviting the community to be part of a new engagement committee which will bring the community closer to the heart of healthcare decision-making.

The RDHS Community Advisory Committee will be a vital bridge between the community and the RDHS board, directly influencing the direction and delivery of healthcare services in Robinvale.

RDHS Chair Jess Curran said she was looking forward to having stronger community input on the direction and shape of Robinvale’s health services into the future.

“We are a vibrant and growing health service, and we want to bring people on board to join us on this journey,” Ms Curran said.

“To be effective in growing and evolving our health service, we need the community to come with us,” she said.

“We are the doers, but we want the people we serve to ensure our services are relevant and understood by the community. We are listening, and we’re looking to hear the voices and ideas of people who use health services regularly and those who don’t.”

Robinvale is a highly diverse community, and the RDHS Community Advisory Committee aims to be a reflection of that diversity. The committee seeks representation from people of various backgrounds, including:

  • Multicultural community members
  • First Peoples community members
  • Older community members
  • Young families
  • People with disabilities
  • The LGBTIQA community
  • Individuals in contact with mental health services
  • People who have experienced family violence or homelessness

No special qualifications are required to join the committee, just a few hours a month to spare, an interest in learning more about RDHS services, and a commitment to bringing a community perspective to the table.

To apply or find out more about the RDHS Community Advisory Committee, please contact Connie Chirchiglia (03) 5051 8111 or email

Photograph: RDHS chair Jess Curran is looking forward to having more community input on RDHS services and priorities

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