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128 Latje Road, Robinvale,
VIC 3549

(03) 5051 8111

parking robinvale


39 Latje Rd, Robinvale,
VIC 3549

(03) 5026 1071

parking riverside


37-39 Pioneer St, Manangatang,
VIC 3546

(03) 5035 1500

parking mananagatan

Consumer Feedback

Did you know that you can now provide your feedback to RDHS via the link below.
Feedback regarding your visits or appointments to RDHS are important to help us know what is working well and what improvements we can make. All feedback including concerns, complaints, suggestions or compliments are welcome.
We take complaints seriously and aim to resolve them quickly and fairly. If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us via our feedback form.
Just click On-Line Consumer Feedback / Complaints form to complete the form.

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