Private Patients

Did you know that you can choose to use your private health insurance at Robinvale District Health Services?

How it helps you?

If you choose to use your private health insurance health service cover, you will not be out of pocket for any co-payments, medical consultations, x-rays, scans or blood tests conducted at Robinvale District Health Services. The health service will also waive some money towards the excess on your health insurance (please ask about this when you come in).

On admission

When you present to the health service our admission staff will ask if you have private health insurance. They will check if you have any excess on your policy and help you make an informed decision about using your private health insurance. Please bring your private health insurance details with you to Robinvale District Health Services.

If you stay overnight when using private health insurance, patients will be provided Complimentary Services such as:

  • High quality linen
  • Bath Robe
  • Toiletries
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Beverages ( on request and as authorised by nurse in charge)
  • Increased Menu items
  • and if requested a single room if possible (sometimes the room may not be available due to clinical need).

How it helps us?

When you come to our health service as a private patient your health insurance fund helps us to maintain existing medical services. The revenue and savings generated from the use of private health insurance enable the Health Service to maintain and improve existing services as well as to develop new initiatives for this community. By using you private health insurance you are making a real contribution to our future.

For further information, if you have any questions please contact our admission staff, phone 03 5051 8111 or click here to email Admissions.

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