The Aboriginal Support Service Hub is a welcoming culturally safe place for Aboriginal patients and their families. This space has a mini kitchen with coffee and tea making facilities. The AHLO office is also located in this space.


The Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer (AHLO) role

The Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer provides:

  • Cultural, emotional, spiritual and clinical support to patients and families
  • Patient advocacy
  • Cultural consultation to clinicians
  • Support at family meetings with Clinicians and nursing staff
  • Support re: Discharge planning
  • AHLO service is available from 8.30am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

What we do

  • Promote a culturally welcoming and sensitive environment in RDHS.
  • Provide support and information for Aboriginal people that enter our health service
  • Provide a link between the medical teams, the patient and their families during admissions and time in the hospital
  • Attend family meetings to provide support and assistance so patients and their families can make informed decisions about treatment, prevention and rehabilitation
  • Provide education and promotion of Aboriginal health and wellbeing throughout the hospital

Who we care for

We support patients that identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander when they enter our hospital. We also provide support to their families during their stay.

How to access this service

For privacy reasons, patients must request or agree to a referral to the AHLO. Please tell your nursing staff or doctor you would like a referral to be sent to the AHLO, or make it known during your admission process. You can also visit the Aboriginal Support space on the ground floor in the hospital, where the AHLO office is located.

What can I do about transport?

On discharge patients can request from the RDHS:

  • Transport to home within Robinvale /Euston

Why has the AHLO not visited me?

You need to request an AHLO visit with the staff who are caring for you or ring 5051 8160.

What support can I get on discharge?

The AHLO can contact the Aboriginal Health Service in your home town if you give permission.

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