Chairman – Mr Bruce Myers

Appointed 01.07.2017
Appointed Chair November 2019


Mrs Freule Jones

Appointed 01.07.2014


Mr Glenn Stewart

Appointed 01.07.2018


Mrs Yvonne Brown

Appointed 01.07.2017


Mr Jack Dang

Appointed 01.07.2018


Mrs Carla Kirby

Appointed 01.07.2020

Mrs Jessica Curran

Appointed 01.07.2020

The function of the Board of Management is to oversee the governance of the Health Service and to ensure that the services provided by the Health Service comply with the requirements of the Act and the by-laws of the Health Service.

The Board of Management meets on the last Tuesday evening of each month to deal with matters in a streamlined reporting format that conforms with Accreditation guidelines.

Board Of Management Membership In Subcommittees

Executive/Governance/Credentialing Committee (including Capital Works and Projects)

Mr Bruce Myers (Chairperson)
Mrs Freule Jones
Mr Glenn Stewart

Finance and Audit Committee

Mr Bruce Ginn (Chairperson) (Independent)
Mr Bruce Myers
Mrs Yvonne Brown
Mr John Bond (Independent)
Mrs Ginette Chirchiglia (Independent)
Mr Mark Nish (Independent)


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