About Us

Robinvale District Health Services is a service (MPS) that provides a diverse range of services to across a catchment area of approximately 60,000 square kilometres. In addition to service delivery in its immediate area, RDHS provides outreach services to the communities of Ouyen, Manangatang and Boundary Bend in Victoria.

RDHS operates 20 acute beds, 54 residential aged care places, and service-areaprovides Urgent Care services to both the Robinvale and Manangatang communities. A comprehensive range of additional services includes Renal Dialysis, Medical Imaging, Midwifery, Visiting Nursing, Allied Health and Early Years.

RDHS employs 154 staff, has an operating budget of approximately 14 million dollars. We are fortunate to have a high performing management team that takes pride in achieving exceptional business outcomes. RDHS maintains a clear focus on service development and delivery priorities and leverages off strong financial performance to make best use of the resources available to the community.


Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) are considered small rural health services which operate under the Small Rural Health Service (SRHS) model promoting integrated funding and accountability model across various service types.

The aim of the MPS program is to improve provision of services in small rural and remote areas by simplifying funding and accountability mechanisms. This is done by providing a more flexible, coordinated and cost-effective framework for service delivery.

The concept involves the pooling of State and Commonwealth program funds for health and aged care services. This allows the health service to reconfigure services to better meet local health needs and to provide staff with flexible work setting options across a range of services.

The amalgamation of funding for MPS’s Acute, Aged Care, Home And Community Care (HACC) and Community health services gives MPS agencies considerable flexibility in choosing service delivery mechanisms appropriate to local circumstances. Funding can be pooled then allocated to specific service types based on local community need.

Our Vision

Through leadership and innovation Robinvale District Health Services will strive to improve the health, wellbeing and strength of our communities.

Our Statement of Purpose

Robinvale District Health Services is an acknowledged leader and innovator in the provision of rural health services. We aim to build sustainable healthy communities by improving the health, well-being and quality of life of all of our community members. We will achieve this by being accessible, building strong relationships, understanding and meeting people’s needs and using resources wisely.

Our Commitment

Quality, Safety and Environment

  • Providing the best possible care and ensuring a safe and healthy environment. We work to continuously improve our services, identify, eliminate or minimise risks and minimise our environmental footprint.


  • Innovation and leadership is valued and encouraged. We are committed to a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity and will actively seek opportunities to develop and improve services available to the community.

Professional Integrity

  • At all times we will act ethically and with integrity. We will observe responsible business practices, making best use of resources available to the organisation and the community


  • Staff will be treated fairly, consistently and with honesty. We will invest in the development of a skilled workforce that is motivated by collaboration, striving for excellence and achieving outcomes for clients and the community.

Cultural Diversity

  • Individuals are entitled to care that is attentive, respectful, and responsive to their needs. We understand the value of cultural diversity and will strive to engage with all members of the community and other stakeholders.


  • Collectively we can achieve better outcomes. Working collaboratively with other agencies we seek to reduce service fragmentation and generating resource efficiencies.


  • Individual health, wellbeing and quality of life is closely connected to community. We are committed to the social determinants of health model and will work to assist individuals to achieve their potential and to build community capacity.

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