Mental Health Matters

Most of us will have a mate or family member who has experienced mental illness.  With the right kind of help, people recover and lead healthy, productive and satisfying lives.

With Christmas fast approaching and understanding that this is not always a fantastic experience for many in our communities, Robinvale District Health Services would like to provide a list of resources to our residents if needed – Mental health matters to us all in Robinvale.

Signs that you might need help:

  • Feeling disconnected or isolated
  • Getting easily irritated or angry
  • Feeling stressed, tense or restless
  • Feeling sad, down or crying more than usual
  • Sleeping or eating more or less than usual
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering things
  • Feeling that you want to harm yourself
  • Taking risks that you would normally avoid

Ask someone are you OK?

Talk to your friends, colleagues or family members.  If you are concerned, encourage them to seek help.

Where to go for help?


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