Online Gambling and COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to several changes our lives. Precautionary measures such as social distancing and self-isolation have meant that most of us are spending extended time on the internet.

The closure of leisure and entertainment venues and the cancellation of sporting events may lead to boredom and spending more time at home on mobile phones, computers, tablets and video games. While these devices allow us to stay connected with friends and family and provide much needed entertainment in way of games, apps, music and videos, they may be an avenue for online gambling which may not be safe or well regulated. Online gambling is any kind of gambling conducted on the internet such as virtual poker, online casinos and sports betting

Online gambling risks!

Easy to lose

Because you can gamble online anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, online gambling can be even more addictive than traditional gambling. Due to the easy access of online gambling sites, the ease and convenience of accessing online gambling platforms makes it simple to spend more time and money than planned. Even if you only gamble what you can afford, online gambling can affect other parts of your life such as your job, relationships with friends and family and even your health.

‘Free’ games’

Some sites offer free games so that people can ‘practise’. It is important to be aware that these sites are designed to make you think you are good at the games. They make it easier to win, giving you a false confidence. Their motive is to lure you in so that you gamble your money. When winning at the practice games do not expect to have the same results in the paid games!

Offers and promotions

Once you have used a gambling site, it is likely that you will receive “offers and promotions”. These offers are designed to lure you back to the site so you gamble your money. These websites track everything you do on the sites such as how often you visit, how much you spend, and how your gambling patterns change. They then use this information to market gambling products that are in line with your interests. Always remember the house always wins even when they are offering you “promotions, bonuses or offers”.

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