Managing Gaming at Home – Word Puzzle Competition

As a safety measure against contracting COVID-19, many of us have been staying at home and only going out for essentials. This is a responsible response towards protecting our community from this deadly virus.

To pass time and stay connected to others without spreading Corona virus – many have been advancing their gaming passion. Playing video games as an entertainment option is helping families stay home and not feel like they
have to go out. However, stress, isolation and unemployment experienced during the “lockdown” are factors that may be intensifying the challenge of video game management for parents and children.

Games are a great form of entertainment and are extremely engaging and if used well, they can be of real benefit to the education and the overall development of our children.  Like everything, gaming has its fair share of pros and cons. Video games teach us cognitive skills like problem solving, manual skills like reading and hand-eye coordination skills. They also develop our social skills when we connect and play with friends.

Below are a few simple tips that families can take to help reduce risks associated with gaming. The aim of this competition is to raise awareness about the effects of gaming and online gaming risks such as gambling. Correctly fill in the Crossword puzzle for a chance to win.

Send your correct answers make sure you include your Name, Address and Telephone Number there will be 20 $50 Ritchies IGA Gift Vouchers to be won.

Have a crack!


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