Dr. Anne Webster MP Federal Member for Mallee Visits Robinvale Euston Mens Shed

Men’s Sheds provide a safe and friendly environment for men to gather and or work on meaningful projects, with the ultimate aim of improving the health and wellbeing of their members

Most of the men who are members of the Mens Shed Robinvale Euston are over the age of 65 and may have various physical co-morbidities.
While many of them may have completed their First Aid Certificates, our local Mens Shed did not have a defibrillator. Being approximately 250 metres from the health service, it may take precious time to get to the shed and in some cases this can be too late if there is a cardiac incident.
Recently our Mens Shed were successful in a funding application which has assisted with the purchasing of a defibrillator for the shed. On Tuesday 29th June 2021, Dr. Anne Webster MP Federal Member for Mallee visited our Mens Shed, chatting with members to congratulate them on their recent purchase and happily toured our shed.

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