Robinvale District Health Services
Victorian Premiers 2010 Rural Health Service of the Year

Robinvale District Health Services (RDHS) is acknowledged as one of rural Australia’s leading health services. 

Robinvale District Health Services was honoured at the 2010 Victorian Health Care Awards to be presented with the '2010 Rural Health Service of the Year" by the Premier of Victoria, Mr John Brumby.  RDHS achieved the same award in 2007 and is now the first Victorian rural health service to have received this award twice.

The service became ISO accredited to International Standards in 2000 and in 2001 won the Victorian Hospitals Association and Herald Sun “Leadership and Innovation Award” .

In December 2010 RDHS gained certification to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. We believe we are the first Health Service in Australia to be certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS).  For a rural Health Service this is an outstanding achievement that all staff are extremely proud.

The Environmental Management System assists us to minimize our environmental footprint through pollution prevention practices, waste minimization, energy usage and elimination of environmentally unfriendly products.  We have been able to use data to clearly identify that our major source of greenhouse gasses are generated come from electricity usage.  With improved energy efficiency a reduction in running costs will also occur, these cost savings could be used to provide additional health services to our community.   

We are consistently trying to find new ways to reduce our greenhouse emissions.  All community members, clients and staff are encouraged to suggest any ideas they may have.  If you have any ideas or if further information is required feel free to contact, Connie Chirchiglia, Quality Co-Ordinator, phone 
03 5051 8111.

Robinvale District Health Services provides a comprehensive range of acute care 20 beds, dialysis 2 chairs, aged residential 24 high and 30 low care beds, primary health care and community based services to meet the identified needs of the people of the Robinvale and Manangatang communities and the outreach communities of Ouyen in Victoria and Balranald, Wentworth and Dareton in New South Wales.

Robinvale District Health Services is driven by the needs of the communities we service and have a commitment to achieving sustainable outcomes. We have a proud history of growth through innovation, investment in our staff and working in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders.









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