TELEHEALTH Facilities available at RDHS Manangatang Campus

Please be aware that RDHS Manangatang Campus has TELEHEALTH facilities that are available to members of the community who have ongoing appointments with Medical Officers/Specialist.

TELEHEALTH Appointment / Visits enables you to attend your appointment over the internet with your Doctor or Specialist instead of travelling long distances and with no additional charges.

  • Firstly you need to check with your health practitioner if they offer this as an option especially for follow up appointments that do not require physically examination.
  • Your health practitioner will then set a suitable date for your appointment and send you information pack, which will include the web address/contact number.
  • Then contact RDHS Manangatang Campus to assist you with connection.

Information we require prior to your appointment.

  • Date and time, with whom, their web page address along with any other instructions needed to connect with them.
  • This will enable our staff to set you up for the consultation and would leave the room once the connection has been secured.

If you have any queries, please call the Manangatang Campus on 03 5035 1500 & speak with Emmanuel Geri – Director of Aged Care and Nursing or delegate staff member.

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