Robinvale District Health Services Celebrates Neighbour Day 2016

Tuesday 15th March and Tuesday 22nd March Robinvale District Health Services – Manangatang and Robinvale Campuses celebrated Neighbour Day 2016.


This year at Robinvale District Health Services (RDHS), we decided to celebrate Neighbour Day at both Manangatang and Robinvale.  Neighbour Day is usually celebrated on the last Sunday in March, but any day can be Neighbour Day.  This day is a reflection about the importance of community and how good relationships with others can and does change communities.  Social connections make us feel better as it helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression.

An afternoon tea was enjoyed by residents, staff, Board and community members on Tuesday 15th March 2016.  The Early Years team had activities set up and the local pre-schoolers walked down to the campus for a play and fairy bread.  Peter Crisp (Member for Mildura) spent the day in Manangatang and dropped in to talk to those who attended.  Elwyn Witney (Swan Hill District Health) gave a short presentation on the importance of good mental health and wellbeing along with tips in achieving both.

Robinvale celebrated Neighbour Day on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 with a luncheon that was cooked by Lupe Taumoefolau and her family with a traditional Tongan Hangi.  This was prepared at the Robinvale College Community Gardens.

Special guest, Member for Mallee Andrew Broad, visited the Robinvale College while the meal was being prepared and also the Mens Shed.   Andrew also enjoyed the company of the many Robinvale community members, with approximately 60 people attending and enjoyed the delicious food.   Once again the Early Years set up activities for the younger crowd and the many residents enjoyed socialising with each other and the RDHS staff and Board members.

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