RDHS release of 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

In early 2018 RDHS began the process to create our new RDHS Strategic Plan, capturing the views, opinions and input of a broad range of consumers and staff.

front cover of strategic plan

Initially we reviewed our own approach; analysing the policy context we work in; and assessed the environment we are operating in e.g. governance/funding processes, current models of service delivery, population trends.

We considered:

  • Service gaps
  • Level of engagement from RDHS with community
  • Use/access/provision of RDHS services
  • Partnerships with other organisations
  • Organisational goals, and
  • Future directions of RDHS.
  • We held 16 consultation meetings to test the initial ideas of the Board against stakeholder

And Community perceptions of where RDHS should be heading.

  • From the information gathered we identified specific directions and actions; and created the plan.

What is the RDHS Strategic Plan?

  • A five-year road-map developed by the RDHS board to plan for the future health and wellbeing needs of our communities
  • This plan covers the period 2019-24 and is updated annually
  • It guides all decision making and planning for RDHS
INVITE Strategic Plan

What is in the Strategic Plan?

With a shared vision and energy, we can secure the best possible mix of services for our communities.

We can harness technology to bring new services and help us build healthier communities in the RDHS for the long term.

Our goal to embed sustainable, appropriate service delivery models for our changing communities.

To officially launch the RDHS 2019-2024 Strategic Plan, we invite Members of the Community to attend the RDHS Strategic Plan Roadshow at our three locations

  • RDHS Manangatang Campus (Day Room) – Monday 22nd July 2019, 1.00pm
  • RDHS Main Campus (Conference Centre Room B) – Tuesday 23rd July 2019, 1.00pm

we will also be holding an evening event for members of the community on

  • RDHS Main Campus (Conference Centre Room B) – Monday 5th August 2019, 6.30pm (RSVP Thursday 1st August 2019 – 0350518111 or email sfarnsworth@rdhs.com.au)

Please feel free to attend one of our sessions – Light refreshments will be available

You can also access a full copy of the new RDHS Strategic Plan 2019-2024 on our website at www.rdhs.com.au

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