RDHS Participates in the Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA) Study Tour

Mara Richards (CEO RDHS) and Quentin Norton (Board Chair RDHS) are currently attending a Study Tour with the Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA).

  The  tour will visit cities in USA and Canada with high-level learning objectives including: to exchange knowledge and ideas on best practice health system initiatives aimed at solving problems and capturing opportunities, gain an understanding of the trends in the North American healthcare systems and how they can be applied in the Australian context and build knowledge through the demonstration of best practice system initiatives.

Here is a photo of the VHA group with the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) exploring Value Based Outcomes in health care.  ICHOM is a non-profit organization founded by individuals from three esteemed institutions with the purpose to transform health care systems worldwide by measuring and reporting patient outcomes in a standardized way.

Mara and Quentin have also visited the Harvard Business School Boston.


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