Occupational Therapy Week Celebrated at RDHS

Occupational Therapy (OT) week  was October 22nd to October 28th,  this year.

RDHS celebrated OT Week  in many ways  and the highlight of it all was the OT Week afternoon tea that was held on Friday, October 27th, that coincided with World Occupational Therapy Day.

The afternoon tea was held in the RDHS Aged Care Courtyard and was attended by staff and residents of Aged Care.

Fun games of Memory, Snap and Trouble were played by both staff and residents alike. An Occupational Therapy Crossword competition was announced at the beginning of the week which brought out the competitive streak among the staff members. Winners of the Crossword competition were rewarded with homemade sensory bottles and chocolate.

The Aged Care residents expressed their delight to be a part of the OT Week celebrations. To learn more or to access Occupational Therapy Services, please contact RDHS Primary Care on 03 5051 8160.

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