Joe Williams The Enemy Within – Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Wellbeing Education visits Robinvale

Joe Williams came to Robinvale for two events held on Tuesday 16th October 2018 at Murray Valley Aboriginal Co-operative (MVAC) and the Robinvale Euston Football Netball Club.  Both events were successful with Joe providing a presentation on his life and his journey being a successful athlete (Rugby League player and Boxer) and yet suffered through addiction, mental illness and suicidality.  He explained through his presentation on how he has managed to abstain from alcohol and other drugs for over twelve years and how he lives with his mental illness and thoughts of suicide.  Joe’s message of living with the key values of; connection, compassion, humility, gratefulness and respect was woven into both presentations along with the importance of his Aboriginal culture as a proud Wiradjuri First Nations man.  Over ninety people attended the events in Robinvale and the conversation has continued since Tuesday which is very promising as the subjects of mental illness, alcohol and other drugs and suicide are often not discussed and this increases the stigma for the person and their families who live with these issues.

RDHS would like to thank all the organisations who assisted with Joe’s visit to our region; Murray PHN (Mildura Suicide Prevention Trial), Robinvale & District Lions Club, MVAC, Robinvale Euston Football Netball Club and the Robinvale Sentinel.  Without this collaboration, we would have been unable to bring Joe’s inspiring story and presentation of health and wellbeing to our region.

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