Exercise Physiology Services available at RDHS

Exercise Physiology is a service that uses the benefits of exercise to prevent or manage chronic disease and illness. Exercise is proven to be beneficial for numerous conditions including cardiovascular disease, COPD, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, as well as depression and anxiety. Exercise Physiology uses ‘evidence based practise’ which means the use of research to help  prescribe exercises. Different conditions will benefit from different exercises, and it is the job of the Exercise Physiologist to know what exercises will work best for you.

Introducing Caitlin – Exercise Physiologist for RDHS.  Growing up Caitlin always knew she wanted to help people and work within the health industry. Enrolling in a degree called Clinical Exercise Physiology, not fully understanding what it was. She knew it involved exercise (which is something she like doing) and helping people become healthier. After four years of university, Caitlin is now with RDHS!

Whilst studying, Caitlin completed hundreds of hours of placement, working with various clientele to help them achieve their goals. Seeing how being active can improve peoples’ lives reinforced her belief that she was in the right career. What Caitlin likes most about exercising is that you can participate at all fitness levels, and that you don’t always need fancy equipment – walking has so many health benefits and doesn’t cost a thing!

Caitlin personally has an interest in working with the elderly community, to help them maintain strength and independence. Also likes to work with neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries to name a few.

Pictured here Caitlin is working with some of our Strength and Balance clients.

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