Donating Blood…… Saves Lives!

Over the last few months, staff from RDHS have been travelling to Mildura to contribute to the Red25 blood donation program.

It was also seen as a great opportunity for team bonding and enjoying one of the many exceptional restaurants available in Mildura.

Red25 is an Australian Red Cross Blood Service initiative that is designed to provide incentives for blood donors as well as facilitate group donation competitions with the aim of achieving 25% of Australia’s blood donations.  With the knowledge that one donation had the power to save three lives, the crew from RDHS were more than happy to roll up their sleeves and help make a difference. 

Receiving that email or that sms from Australian Red Cross – Blood Service that your donation has helped  gives you a feeling of achievement that you have helped save a life just like Jess in the video below. 

Head to the Australian Red Cross – Blood Service website to read about Jess’s story and how you to can save three lives with every donation. 

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