Conversational English Classes at RDHS.

Late in 2017 Ray Gentle, Manager People & Culture, RDHS approached the Chief Executive Officer, Mara Richards, with a concept to provide Conversational English Classes at the hospital with a focus on health and how to access services, for our CALD groups in the region. In January, Ray marketed an Information Session to assess any interest and this was conducted on the 23 January 2018 and 9 people attended.

English Conversation Class February 2018 (002)

The class commenced the following week and has been running each Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6pm to 7:30pm with the original number of the group growing from 9 to 15 and 18 participants each session.

Another option for the Robinvale CALD community is Network House and they offer accredited language courses, which cover a broader range of subjects and topics. Network House can be contacted on 5026 4128 or check out their website,

Ray volunteers his time for these sessions and conducts them in the RDHS Conference Room. “There is no cost to the participants or for our Health Service” Ray added. A few of our RDHS staff have also volunteered their time to assist Ray in the sessions.

The countries of origin for the group are Thailand, China, Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan, and Hong Kong ranging in age from 20 – 60 years of age.

“All participants are enjoying the sessions and it is a safe learning experience. You can see the pleasure on their faces when they have a go at practising what they are learning. This opportunity is considered as a “soft entry point to the health service.” Ray said.

If you are interested in attending please contact Ray on 5051 8174.

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