Australia Day Celebrations take place at RDHS

During the past month RDHS has hosted BBQ’s for all Staff and Residents at all campuses as an option to celebrate Australia Day.

Residents, that were able, went outside to a delicious meal of sausages, hamburgers and marinated chicken pieces together with traditional coleslaw and potato salad. The compulsory tomato sauce was also on hand with fried onions!

Staff and Residents enjoyed each other’s company and even a couple of family members!

A great time was had by all and one Resident commented about the lack of flies which he believed were a “must” at all BBQ’s!

Our sincere thanks to our Maintenance team who ably assisted our Volunteer “Chef” Graham Richards.

At the Manangatang campus they celebrated with a Citizen of Campus Award going to Sidney Barnes.

Riverside Campus, Resident Josie Henderson wore with pride her “Order of Australia” medal that was awarded to her in 2009.

Mara Richards, CEO of RDHS was taken by surprise when she sat down for a chat with Josie and learned what a remarkable achievement this medal proudly worn on her dress meant!

Josie had completed some 60 years of Volunteering within the community of Robinvale in a variety of “jobs” and this was recognised in the form of the “Order of Australia” ten years ago. This is a massive effort and one which demonstrates a great commitment and deserves the greatest respect and thanks from those people she served over those years and now when she is living in her current home!

Josie who reaches the age of 99 years old in late April 2019, is a remarkable and very interesting lady who through the years has been tireless and indeed selfless in her activities within the community of Robinvale and deserves our sincere thanks and gratitude for a job “well done”!


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