A Message of Cheer to All Staff from the Board Chair for 2020!

How did the end of year sneak up again on us? You would have thought that we would all be very happy about that and you would be stating the truth!


The Pandemic of COVID-19 has really been the bane of our workplace and home life since March of this year. The Board, Executive and I have really appreciated all of your collective efforts in coming to work and staying safe. Not only yourselves and your Families but also the Residents under your stewardship of care.

The year has been tough, yes, however we continue to provide services to our respective communities with little disruption and more excitedly with additional innovation! Many of you with direct patient access have made great strides in keeping in touch throughout the year. Primary Care Clinicians have this nailed! Well done to you all, this type of innovation in service delivery is exactly what the Board and Executive wish to promote and support the development of.

We have seen a few old faces leave our employment for a variety of reasons and we wish them all the best of wishes for their future chosen pathway. However in their place we welcome new staff and some staff who have transferred from contractual to permanent, welcome and thank you for choosing to work at RDHS.

Considerable work has been done in the organisational culture arena with the external assistance of Studer (now Huron). Our coach and Mentor, Jaime Thomson has ensured that all of our Staff are receiving support in developing their work skills and ethics. The Board are particularly proud of our (RDHS) Values and the acceptance of same by all of our Staff.

The Values of Respect, Professionalism, Care, Commitment and Collaboration is what the Board wishes for the organisation as we continue to move forwards. On the advice of our CEO and Executive Team we wish to focus on positive behaviours and promote accordingly. We have realised the introduction of a People Champions Committee that enables and enhances communication from each Department. If you are the chosen Representative, thank you for your work in keeping your colleagues informed and also in providing your ideas for improving the workplace to the Board through our CEO. We cannot plan or implement change without you and it is a very big responsibility to undertake and execute successfully.

The Board looks forward to 2021 and the new achievements that Staff promote. In February 2021 the Board has planned to have a number of projects from this year (that is, 2020) presented at a Staff event to see the people behind the innovation, in person! We are very excited about this event, more excited as we understand that there will be a number of Departments, some in collaboration, presenting!

I would like to thank all staff of the health service across the 3 campuses, Main, Riverside and Manangatang for their efforts throughout the year and this is especially noting those with direct and indirect care responsibilities. The two are inextricably linked and cannot work without both parties involved and partnering for the same purpose, our Residents and Clients.

I would like to add the Boards’ gratitude towards our Volunteers, GP’s (RFDS Welcome!) and all of our growing number of partnership health services. I would also like to acknowledge our diverse and multicultural communities as it is why we exist, to provide health services to all.

On behalf of the Board, CEO and Executive staff we would like to wish you All the very best of wishes for the Festive Season with whatever you choose to do with your Family and Friends.


The Board looks very much forward to working with you All in 2021 which has got to be a better year than this!

Bruce Myers, Board Chair, RDHS

Friday 18th December 2020.

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