Board of Management

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Mr Peter Campisi
Appointed 1999

Vice Chairman

Mr Quentin Norton
ALS Paramedic
Appointed 01.07.2011

Mr Daron Hulls

Victorian Police Sergeant
Appointed 01.07.2013

Mr Clive Bowden

Local Council Team Leader
Appointed 01.07.2014

Mrs Merrilyn Grant

Pre School Teacher
Appointed 01.07.2010

Mrs Freule Jones

Retired School Teacher
Appointed 01.07.2014

Mrs Teneille Follett

Appointed 01.07.2015

Mrs Lisa Murray

Ambulance Community Officer
Appointed 01.07.2015

Ms Alison Black

Appointed 05.04.2016

The Robinvale District Health Services acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional owners of the land.

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